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In a world of multi-stakeholder information and assets provision on top of millions of real-time interacting and communicating things, COSMOS aims at enhancing the sustainability of smart city applications by allowing IoT based systems to reach their full potential. COSMOS will enable things to evolve and act in a more autonomous way, becoming more reliable […]


The project COMSODE (Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation) is an SME-driven research and innovation project aimed at progressing the capabilities in the Open Data re-use field. The concept is an answer to barriers still present in this young area:
– data published by various open data catalogues are poorly integrated;
– quality assessment and cleansing are […]


AppHub, the European open source marketplace

AppHub is a non-profit marketplace aimed at facilitating the dissemination of open source software. AppHub helps European collaborative projects to implement an efficient market outreach strategy, it also helps SMEs and independent open source projects reach a global market. It is the marketplace where business users can discover, deploy and […]


In a hyper connected world, cloud computing offers new opportunities to software companies who want to release their applications as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS). This decision will have technical, business and organizational implications. The migration can be challenging and costly without appropriate methods and tools. ARTIST was conceived to support companies in the process of analyzing, evaluating, […]


What is CAPS?
The Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) are ICT systems leveraging the emerging “”network effect”” by combining:
• open online social media,
• distributed knowledge creation, and
• data from real environments (“”Internet of Things””).
The objective is to create awareness of problems and possible solutions requesting collective efforts, enabling new forms of social […]


The ClouT project sees a group of European and Japanese organizations coming together to cooperate in building tools and applications for cities and their citizens. ClouT will provide infrastructures, services, tools and applications that will support the development of smart cities by optimizing the use of cloud computing to overcome some of the current challenges […]


The main goal of the COMPOSE project is to create an IoT platform geared mainly for developers. The platform consists of an all-engulfing ecosystem which aims to ease the task of creating IoT based applications. The COMPOSE platform relieves the developer of all “systems” aspects of the application, and lets the developer concentrate on what […]


About CREW (Cognitive Radio Experimentation World): CREW is an EU funded project that aims at lowering the barrier to wireless network experimentation. Researchers and companies who wish to test and evaluate advanced wireless network solutions, can remotely connect to the facilities offered by CREW and do so. For instance, an experimenter is able to automatically […]


Common federation framework for FIRE
Fed4FIRE is developing a common federation framework for FIRE. This framework is being widely adopted by a large number of experimentation facility providers and different experimenter communities in the area of Future Internet Research. The framework incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of experiment life-cycle management, monitoring and trustworthiness in order […]


FIRE Showcase
The future internet is a growth engine, offering lots of new ways for businesses to be innovative and competitive in the digital market. World-class European test bed services offer companies the support they need so they can test a beta technology or new idea in controlled environments, evaluating them before bringing them to the […]