The project COMSODE (Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation) is an SME-driven research and innovation project aimed at progressing the capabilities in the Open Data re-use field. The concept is an answer to barriers still present in this young area:
– data published by various open data catalogues are poorly integrated;
– quality assessment and cleansing are seldom addressed.
– Data consumers have to integrate the data before they can use them which increases significantly the costs of open data consumption and hinders open data usage and uptake, etc.

It is a project ambition to lay the foundations for a data integration platform based on Open Data which will allow the re-use of data not only between public bodies and end-users but also among public bodies themselves: Public bodies can exchange information by using the same infrastructure and tools as end-users. This will decrease costs of exchanging the data and in most cases also enhance the quality and speed-up of the exchange. What is even more important, OpenData APIs can be used by integration projects between public bodies, again saving costs and enhancing the quality of the resulting solution. This in turn strengthens OpenData publishing, with end-users benefiting again – a self reinforcing loop.

The project is performed in cooperation with users (municipalities, central governmental bodies and regional bodies form all around EU) and other stakeholders – allowing to build at least 10 pilots in different EU countries.

An important aspect of COMSODE is OPEN approach: Its results (Open Data Node platform) will be available for the developer community as an Open Source software thus enabling easy building of business applications and its further exploitation.

Presentation about the COMSODE project