About CREW (Cognitive Radio Experimentation World): CREW is an EU funded project that aims at lowering the barrier to wireless network experimentation. Researchers and companies who wish to test and evaluate advanced wireless network solutions, can remotely connect to the facilities offered by CREW and do so. For instance, an experimenter is able to automatically assess the occupation of wireless channels in a certain spectral band, and then decide which channel is most appropriate for use. This approach is known as cognitive radio, which makes use of spectrum sensing techniques to establish a more reliable communication. It follows a model that is a hybrid between the existing cellular licensed bands and the unlicensed ISM bands where WiFi and Bluetooth operate. In other words, cognitive radio enables unlicensed users to transmit in unused licensed bands provided they ensure not to interfere with the primary (licensed) transmitter. CREW is a mature project that has organized three successful open calls through which it consolidated the wireless experimenter community and will end in fall 2015. CREW’s Open Call 1 and Open Call 2 resulted in 7 funded experiments and the accession of 9 new partners while 7 more experiments (with no funding for the experimenters) are supported as a result from the Open Call 3.

About WiSHFUL (Wireless Software and Hardware platforms for Flexible and Unified radio and network controL):
While CREW provided the wireless hardware and the experimentation software tools for supporting experimenters, thus enabling people to experiment easier, WiSHFUL focuses on speeding up the development and experimentation cycle. WiSHFUL defines software modules with unified interfaces that permit wireless developers to quickly implement and validate advanced wireless network solutions. The software modules will enable the quick and efficient tuning of radio and/or network parameters to find the best configuration given the wireless device’s operating environment. The software modules will also be reprogrammable with other, new modules, which can be downloaded from app-store like repositories. Another step forward made by WiSHFUL is that is develops so-called “portable testbed”. While most of the facilities are fixed and can be remotely accessed, in this project, facilities will be transformed in a “pack-and-go” fashion. This way, advanced radio solutions can be fine-tuned for any real-world environment and any vertical market also involving real users. WiSHFUL is a project that started in January 2015 and builds on top of existing FIRE facilities and technologies, including the ones developed or enhanced through the CREW project.