iMinds demos

Day 1 – March 25th

Distributed intelligence for smart Internet of Things

In a world where everything is connected, it becomes more and more challenging to manage all your devices, gather sensor data, and process this data either in the cloud or at the edge of the network. To address these challenges, we showcase:

  • DYAMAND: an interopability framework allowing to integrate with different sensors of different manufacturers;
  • AIOLOS: a distributed computing platform to distribute software components at runtime on edge devices, gateways and local or remote cloud resources;
  • Dianne: a distributed neural network framework running on the AIOLOS platform.

MicroPnP demo

As the Internet of Things takes shape, there is a growing need for a multi-vendor layer of middleware that reduces the complexity of developing, deploying and managing IoT applications.

To this end, iMinds – DistriNet has developed microPnP, a hardware and software solution for plug-and-play integration of IoT peripherals at near-zero cost. It is part of the LooCI hardware and software toolkit, which enables they low-cost identification of IoT peripherals, automatic deployment and configuration of peripheral driver code, and seamless discovery and use of new peripherals throughout the distributed IoT infrastructure. The LooCI toolkit provides: (1) a contemporary suite of software technologies and configuration tools that support application experts in developing next-generation IoT applications; (2) integrated support for automatically configuring and deploying applications on IoT devices; and (3) solutions for advanced run-time management and monitoring of IoT.

The researchers will be showcasing microPnP at the conference. They will also be reiterating the mission of LooCI, which is to provide full life cycle support for Internet of Things applications.


AllThingsTalk is a technology start-up that builds connected solutions for the rapidly growing ‘Internet of Things’ industry. They focus on supporting existing products built by hardware specialists who often lack the skills to build compelling smart and open solutions.

AllThingsTalk leveraged iMinds’ Living Lab research to help prioritize their R&D-efforts, thereby building on concrete market feedback gathered by iMinds.

At Net Futures, AllThingsTalk will showcase their SmartLiving project, enabling consumers to build their own, personal Internet of Things. SmartLiving has been built with the user experience in mind, and features appealing applications and solutions that solve real, daily problems. It integrates existing smart devices and services easily, running in the cloud to manage and automate consumers’ physical and virtual ‘things’.

Beyond existing devices, creative minds can also integrate their own hardware to build awesome connected solutions – without the learning curve and hassle of typical cloud solutions and smartphone apps.

During the demo, AllThingsTalk will demonstrate how things can talk to one another – thereby showcasing how the Internet of Things will fundamentally affect the way in which we work, live and play.

SmartLiving’s mantra? “Connect devices you own, make or buy to the web services you love, with one app to rule them all.”

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Day 2 – March 26th

Free-viewpoint immersive networked experience

The media industry is constantly looking for innovative formats that revolutionize the way in which live media content is created, delivered and consumed. As part of this research effort, lots of focus is put on the creation of a truly immersive viewing experience in which consumers play a much more central and active role (vs. just passively consuming the content).

That is the context in which the ‘live free-viewpoint’ concept is being explored, allowing viewers to place a virtual camera in a live action scene and enabling them to move the camera freely in space and time. It is a concept that is not only highly relevant to the media industry, but one that also opens up a wide range of opportunities in other application areas – such as teleconferencing, medical imaging, surveillance and security.

In this demo, iMinds researchers will showcase a number of application scenarios that have been developed to demonstrate and validate the technologies resulting from the European FINE project – ranging from a soccer application, to a 360° immersive experience of a classical music concert.

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AXES is an advanced search and retrieval system. It combines various technologies such as face, object, and place recognition, making it easier for the user to find relevant material, not dependent on available metadata. It is a prototype developed within the AXES research project, co-funded by the European Commission.

AXES RESEARCH is targeted towards anyone interested in doing research in audiovisual material. For example journalists, students, teachers, and others who are exploring archives to find and use audiovisual material.

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