Common federation framework for FIRE
Fed4FIRE is developing a common federation framework for FIRE. This framework is being widely adopted by a large number of experimentation facility providers and different experimenter communities in the area of Future Internet Research. The framework incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of experiment life-cycle management, monitoring and trustworthiness in order to support powerful experiments.
The Fed4FIRE framework and tools developed within the project enable easy and efficient experimentation, covering various areas of the Future Internet research areas. The experiments using single or multiple testbeds simultaneously are performed remotely by applying a set of Fed4FIRE tools which will be presented at the exhibition, giving also opportunity to visitors to directly experience usage of the developed tools.
The Fed4FIRE involves 21 testbeds, distributed within and outside Europe, and offers experimentation and testing opportunities through the project Open Calls and recently established Open Access procedure for accessing the testbeds.