FIRE Showcase
The future internet is a growth engine, offering lots of new ways for businesses to be innovative and competitive in the digital market. World-class European test bed services offer companies the support they need so they can test a beta technology or new idea in controlled environments, evaluating them before bringing them to the real world.
The stand showcases world-class European test beds offering a rich variety of cutting-edge and diverse technologies funded through the EC’s FIRE initiative. It brings alive FIRE innovation headlines, with short videos showing how future internet technologies are being used in real life, leading to new business creation for SMEs and giving large firms competitive edge.

FIRE4Business Showroom
A practical, hands-on approach makes it easy for SMEs and start-ups to understand the business benefits of testing in a highly visual way. Information on how to access test beds is given in simple, straightforward and non-technical ways.
* The stand enables visitors to interactively search for test beds (FUSION tech-centric test bed search).
* Videos and animated slide show of success stories are highly complementary to the Net Futures programme, such as:
– EXPERIMEDIA: BBC game trial for Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014); smart ski goggles (launched at 28 Austrian ski resorts in Dec 2014).
– SUNRISE demo: The Internet of Underwater Things (as seen on Euronews video-report; best demo award at ACM WUWNET 2014).
– OneLab: IoT, smart cities and connected commerce, with examples of business usage in Europe and overseas.

Visitors, from business and FIRE, can pick up useful information about using or working with the FanTaaStic Broker Service of the EIT ICT Labs. FanTaaStic is the one-stop shop for ICT testbeds and support services, including technical experts and business developers. Its Innovation Cycle is fast and furious so business users save time and money but also don’t waste time developing something that won’t work, thus reducing risks.

FIRE Research & Innovation Showroom:
* Updates on the FIRE portfolio, including new research and innovation to ensure Europe continues to be a strong player in the future Internet, including international perspectives. More broadly, this covers FIRE offering to 5G and IoT, e-learning; synergies between FIRE and national stakeholders via the Future Internet Forum (FIF); FIRE and EIT-ICT; EU-China cooperation on FIRE; involvement of SMEs in EC FIRE programmes.
* Slide show on research advances and international co-operation, including demos from FIRE initiatives requesting CSA dissemination support.
* Live interviews posted in real-time on YouTube and shared through all FIRE CSA social networks

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