Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge

Challenge for SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups that use FIWARE technologies. In Total € 75,000 will be awarded to the winning projects in the scope of the Net Futures 2015 conference. The focus of this challenge lays on perishable products and specifically food and flowers in a wider dimension.

Food is our fuel, enabling us to accomplish our daily life! Especially food like other perishable products is asking for specific solutions to handle:

  • unpredictable supply variations,
  • stringent food safety demands and
  • sustainability requirements.

There are issues to be tackled from farm to fork, involving all of us as consumers, farmers, regulators, suppliers, manufacturers, equipment providers, logistics, transport as well as retail and many other actors taking care for fresh and healthy food. At the same time, there are inter-connected problems and opportunities in relation to

  • health,
  • environment,
  • manufacturing,
  • education about food,
  • evolution of smart cities,
  • production of sustainable energy,
  • collaboration in complex supply chains, as well as
  • new ways to use multimedia and gaming to perceive, design, buy, prepare and consume food.

FIWARE technologies can contribute significantly to address these opportunities. For example, the advanced sensing capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) allow remotely monitoring and controlling the location and conditions of shipments and products from production to the end customer. Furthermore, Internet of Services (IoS) approaches, including Cloud Computing, have the potential to provide agri-food companies with flexible and affordable logistics solutions. Smartphone based applications, helping consumers to receive the appropriate information on time to be aware about what kind of food they are buying and if it fits their preferences or even to alert individuals in case of contamination.

The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge will award the most innovative software applications that are making use of FIWARE and have a clear business impact. This challenge addresses SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups to develop proposals for food related applications in a wider context and is open to the development of applications of any kind as long as their implementation is based on the FIWARE technology.

How to Apply and Prize Distribution

The process is divided into two stages. The first stage or call for ideas invites participants to submit innovative ideas for applications that can be developed using the FIWARE technology. Proposals (ca. 2 pages long) shall be submitted to the FInish accelerator until February, 16th 2015, using the following email address: ( A template, further detailing the contents is available.

10 proposals will be selected by the Net Futures FIWARE Challenge coordination team until February, 25th 2015 and be invited to the conference. To cover at least the main part of the costs for traveling, accommodation and the tickets:

  • each of the 10 selected proposals will get an initial prize of € 1,500 when joining us in Brussels.

Therefore, the selected teams can start developing in the end of February. They shall join us on March, 23rd and 24th 2015 in Brussels for coaching and a FIWARE workshop and can continue on March 25th at 09:00 in a dedicated space at Net Futures 2015 combined with coaching sessions and 1-to-1 collaboration with other FIWARE actors. After finalising the applications at the Net Futures 2015 and preparing a presentation, the invited teams shall present their running software applications to a jury. The best five proposals will win a prize that is awarded at the final Net Futures 2015 plenary::

  • First place € 25,000
  • Second place: € 15,000
  • Third place: € 10,000
  • Fourth and fifth place each € 2,500

We reserved some additional € 5,000 to provide tickets to those that are not under the selected 10 best ideas, but would like to join the conference. In parallel to the challenge, we reserved some extra places enabling you to join the dedicated challenge space (i.e. first come first serve, as long as there are plac-es) and talk to FIWARE experts to validate your idea and join the development session as well as bene-fit from planned coaching and networking potentials.

Relevant Business Domains

The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge is dedicated to the development of software applications that are addressing perishables like food and flowers in a wider sense. This is targeting at the core of the agri-food supply chain as well as connected business domains. Therefore, we compiled some examples for potential topics that could be addressed generally within the challenge. The list shall not be consid-ered as being complete or exclusive, but to somehow clarify the scope.

  • Collaboration of business actors in the food chain to exchange information for the purpose of
    • facilitating traceability,
    • avoiding waste,
    • optimising logistics,
    • assuring produce quality,
    • documenting ingredients,
    • assuring animal welfare,
    • detection of contaminations,
    • increasing shelf-life,
    • advertising products,
    • uniquely identifying objects.
  • Health related applications in combination to food topics, like
    • managing the individual shopping preferences based on health constraints,
    • learning about ingredients to improve health,
    • alerting consumers in case of health related hazards,
    • minimising usage of pharmaceuticals in food related production.
  • Environmental impact with respect to food and flowers production like
    • soil analysis, monitoring and management,
    • reducing waste of resources,
    • weather forecasting,
    • simulation/prediction of growth,
    • minimising the usage of pesticides,
    • sustainable usage of water,
    • minimisation of CO2 emissions,
  • Manufacturing of our food, like
    • new ways of producing food like 3D printing,
    • functional food,
    • the food production itself, like the food factory of the future, supporting new models for design, demand, delivery,
    • exploitation of synergies that are possible by sharing resources,
    • new software supported features for packaging,
    • intelligent transport items,
    • innovative Internet based features in equipment and machines.
  • Improving society/organisations’ learning and social abilities about perishables to enable effects on
    • waste of food in any stage of its lifecycle,
    • sustainable and organic production models,
    • potential alternatives to prepare and consume food,
    • understand the impact of nutrition and production alternatives on the availability of food for all.
  • Evolution of smart cities towards intelligent urban centres for living and working,
    • new food delivery models for urban areas,
    • urban and distributed food production within smart cities,
    • facilitating innovative consumption models based on new lifestyles,
    • making use of open data for demand and delivery prediction,
    • regional sourcing,
    • innovative shopping and retail support,
    • treatment of waste and how to reuse resources.
  • Production of energy and reducing the demand,
    • usage of perishables for the production of energy,
    • sustainable models for production,
    • reuse of previously wasted energy within production,
    • increasing usage of returnable transport items.
  • Using multimedia and gaming to
    • change the perception of food itself,
    • enable awareness on production methods,
    • enable the consumer driven design of food,
    • new ways for buying food with added-value information and location independent interaction,
    • facilitate the preparation of food and usage of perishables,
    • realise new user experiences as an added value to consumption,
    • help to understand the impact of production and consumption patterns.

This list of examples was compiled to highlight that we see a considerable amount of synergies be-tween different business domains. The list shall provide examples and shall not be considered as being complete.

Prerequisite to join the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge

The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge addresses EU based SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups to provide proposals for the development of applications in relation to perishables like food and flowers in a wider context (see above). The development of those applications needs to experiment or make use of FIWARE technologies. Participants should integrate FIWARE Generic Enabler(s) into their application (see also:

  • Advanced Middleware and interfaces to Network and Devices
  • Advanced Web-based User Interface
  • Applications/Services Ecosystems and Delivery Framework
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Data/Context Management
  • Internet of Things Services Enablement
  • Security

Also software applications that are making use of FIspace ( are considered eligible for selection.

Proposed software applications shall be original work that is realised in the scope of the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge. It shall be highlighted that ideas that are already funded by other activities in the FIWARE programme are not eligible. No double funding of the same work can be accepted. Never-theless, this could also be the starting point to join additional open FIWARE calls for a follow-up.

Selection Criteria

The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge coordination team will assess the submitted proposals based on the following selection criteria.

Selection Criteria Points Weight
Anticipated market demand max. 5 x4
Competitive advantage max. 5 x3
Scalability and growth potential max. 5 x2
Innovativeness of solution max. 5 x6
Degree and quality of using FIWARE technologies max. 5 x5
Total: max. 100
For each criteria a maximum of 5 points can be given.

1 = poor, 2 = insufficient, 3 = sufficient, 4 = good, 5 = excellent

Further information:

Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge:
General FIWARE website:
A specific FIWARE enabler, the FIspace B2B collaboration platform:
FIWARE Academy:
FIWARE catalogue of Generic Enablers:
Generic Enablers Technical Specifications:




The challenge is organised by the FInish Accelerator ( that is part of FI-WARE.
The coordination team can be contacted via:

Important Dates:

Submission of your idea until: February, 16th 2015, 18:00 CET
Invitation of selected ideas until: February, 25th 2015
Challenge in Brussels: March, 23th 09:00 until 26th 14:00
Award ceremony in Brussels: March, 26th 16:00-17:00