As FIWARE entered its 3rd Phase, a shift in its global approach has happened, which can be summarized in the “from projects to product” sentence. Therefore, rather than selecting individual projects to participate and contribute to the NET FUTURES 2015 event, a global contribution under the FIWARE product and brand will be presented.
In order to show the variety of targets we are aiming at with our solutions we foresee a large unique stand for FIWARE where to run a variety of demos, live operation of available tools, and held F2F meetings with the NET FUTURES participants so as to inform and engage new innovative Future Internet stakeholders.
Contribution to the exhibition booth at NET FUTURES will coordinate efforts coming from most FIWARE activities. This includes a) The FIWARE Platform; b) The FIWARE Operations; c) Phase 2 FIWARE Use Cases to showcase vertical market solutions; d) Phase 3 FIWARE Accelerators in their respective areas of interest; e) Phase 3 FIWARE CSAs, which aim at creating sustainable liaisons with international and European Future Internet players and draw the business and technological roadmaps for Future Internet players.