“FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for Experimentation) project is currently active in the Seventh Framework programme of the EC. FLEX project tries to enhance FIRE’s resource pool with remotely accessible and highly configurable LTE resources, that will boost the experimentally driven research on the field. FLEX project integrates these new resources to the existing FIRE testbed control and management frameworks, and develops controlled and uncontrolled mobility solutions for the testbeds involved. e new resources will be fully integrated with the existing tools and frameworks that the FIRE initiative has been developing and supporting. The testbed setup of FLEX will be based on two different approaches:
1) One based on commercial LTE equipment, using commercial Evolved Packet Core network and commercial eNodeBs as the access LTE network, provided by the industrial partners of the project (SiRRAN and ip.access)
2) A second approach based on an open source setup, consisting of multiple FPGA units programmable as either an eNodeB or a UE device and an open source EPC solution.
FLEX builds upon current FIRE testbed management and experiment control tools and extends them to provide support for the new LTE components. Within the FLEX project, specialized monitoring tools and methodologies are developed. Focus is placed on mobility, with the establishment of both real and emulated mobility functionalities on the testbeds.