In Europe, Open Source Software (OSS) industry requires freeing software analysts and developers from technological barriers and allowing them to explore, compare, integrate and customise OSS solutions in an efficient and systematic way, while avoiding license conflicts and infringements. In recent years, more and more companies have started to incorporate Open Source solutions into their organizations, considering the obtained advantages, such as the ability to re-use and customize source code, to satisfy specific needs and get a faster time-to-market. To enhance European industry and help developers leverage OSS and to build better code through collaboration and reuse, MARKOS Project has prototyped an interactive application and linked data API that analyses the relationships between OSS components across different projects. MARKOS provides an integrated view of OSS projects available on public forges, such as Apache, SourceForge and GitHub together with semantic query features, with a focus on the functional, structural and licensing aspects of software code. Open-source itself, MARKOS is expected to facilitate the global development of OSS by supporting users with:
– searching for open-source projects and software components,
– checking the compatibility of software licences, and
=- obtaining information about software dependencies.
A distinctive characteristic of MARKOS is that software entities are semantically described and have a global identity, e.g. if the same class is used by different projects, it is recognized as a single software entity and only one semantic description of it is produced. This reduces significantly the information overhead and allows to offer more accurate browsing, searching and analyses features. MARKOS helps users to find and analyse legal issues caused by license incompatibilities, providing explanations and assisting developers with finding alternative licenses, or alternative software releases, to resolve thelicensing problems. The MARKOS project builds on the idea of a community of individuals collaborating to develop software projects with better code quality and lower production costs.
MARKOS is on Souceforge at: