Current Cloud offer is becoming day by day wider providing a vibrant technical environment, where SMEs can create innovative solutions and evolve their services. Cloud promises cheap and flexible services to end-users at a much larger scale than before. However, Cloud business models and technologies are still in their initial hype and characterized by critical early stage issues, which pose specific challenges and require advanced software engineering methods.
MODAClouds provides a shared approach for Development and Operation Teams to create and operate cloud applications
• without worrying to be locked-in to underlying infrastructures or specific vendor technologies
• taking into account business-aware parameters to orient the selection of specific clouds
• deploying, monitoring and controlling cloud applications behaviour on multi-cloud environments according to planned specs
With MODAClouds, model-driven development, combined with novel model-driven risk analysis and quality prediction, enables developers to specify Cloud-provider independent models enriched with quality parameters, implement these, perform quality prediction, monitor applications at run-time and optimize them based on the feedback, thus filling the gap between design and run-time. Additionally, MODAClouds provides techniques for data mapping and synchronization among multiple Clouds.
Concluding, MODAClouds ground-breaking solution for the advanced engineering quality-driven development of applications for multiple target Clouds frees developers from the need to commit to a fixed Cloud technology stack during software design, increasing available options for reaching business targets in terms of costs saving, portability of applications and data between Clouds, reversibility, risk management, quality assurance, and flexibility in the development process.