Start and grow your business with FIWARE

The FIWARE Tour: The Technology that will definitely boost your business:

Are you looking for a platform that has real impact on your business?

FIWARE is open, standard-based, modular…and you can integrate it with other components.

Be free and do not get attached to a vendor!

Be intelligent and reduce your costs!

Be creative and maximize its functionality potential!

Come and learn about the new FIWARE revolution and get inspired by those that already work with us.

Some months ago we had hundreds of ideas; those ideas are NOW apps, services companies …have a look at the outcomes of an intense year in FIWARE life!

Detailed Workshop Outline

14:00 – 14:05 The FIWARE Tour: Overall guidance on the session (Nuria de Lama, Atos, FIWARE)

14:05 – 14:15 First stop: FIWARE, the Open Platform that will boost your business (presentation)

Why you should change to FIWARE? (Nuria de Lama, Atos, FIWARE)

Get a good idea of what is FIWARE and the way you can use it in your business. If you have never heard about FIWARE, you will finally discover this revolutionary way of using the most advanced Internet technologies. If you already know about FIWARE you will get amazed by the new functionalities and improvements.

Discover what you can do with FIWARE and furthermore discover how to impact your business thanks to it. Learn about reducing costs. Learn about extending your market. Learn about collaborating with the stakeholders of the FIWARE ecosystem. The FIWARE business proposition ready for you!


14:15 – 14:25 Second stop: FIWARE accelerator programme stats and data! (Gabriella Cattaneo , IDC, FI-IMPACT) (presentation)

Know more about the character of the accelerator programme, its reach in terms of geography, sectors, size of the organisations selected, etc.


14:25 – 15:10 Third stop: FIWARE Greatest Hits Panel Discussion

Meet some of the greatest Start-Ups and SMEs that are already using FIWARE!



15:10 – 15:40 Last stop (hopefully the first one of your new professional life): Strategic Panel on The future of FIWARE

Learn about the top features of FIWARE about to appear in 2015, take advantage of new infrastructures and ecosystems, go International…


  • Miguel García González (Zabala Innovation Consulting S.A.)
  • Mr. Sergio Carrera Riva Palacio (Director General of INFOTEC, Mexico) (presentation)
  • Pieter Van Der Linden (VIVITnet)
  • Sergio Gusmeroli (TXT)
  • Juanjo Hierro (Telefónica, Chief Architect FIWARE)
  • Mirko Ross (digital worx GmbH)

15:10 – 15:40 Your turn is NOW: work with us, next steps and Q&A.

FIWARE Developers’ Week Brussels

Session Speakers

Nuria de Lama
Nuria de LamaRepresentative of Atos Research & Innovation to the EC at Atos
Gabriella Cattaneo
Gabriella Cattaneo IDC European Government Consulting
Gabriella Cattaneo is Associate Vice President of the IDC European Government Consulting Centre, which she founded in 2005 to provide research and consulting services to governments and policy makers on ICT market trends and scenarios, leveraging IDC’s global research. Cattaneo has more than 20 years experience in socio-economic research, impact assessment and benchmarking of ICT policies. She has contributed to the design and implementation of European Commission benchmarking indicators on e-government, e-procurement, cloud computing, and currently on the European Data market. She has been involved in research on European policies on e-skills on behalf of DG Enterprise and DG CONNECT since 2003. Cattaneo is a graduate in Political Sciences Magna cum Laude from Milan State University with a prize-winner research Thesis and worked ten years as a business journalist before becoming an ICT industry analyst.
Mahesh Casiraghi
Mahesh Casiraghi
CoffeeStrap is the First Platform for Adaptive Conversation Enhancement focussed on improving conversational skills in a safe environment developed in collaboration with FIWARE Kurento. This app uses the information from your conversation in order to identify for you always new intriguing conversational partners.

It has been selected as one of the 20 most disruptive European super early stage mobile companies – out of more than 846 applications! – by the European Union FIWARE’s IMPACT Accelerator Programme.

Joel Vera Cruz Preto Paulo
Joel Vera Cruz Preto PauloETConcept
The FI-Sonic project is composed by a city network of sound capturing devices, named sound modules, capable of geolocate, identify and characterize a set of different audio sources and events in the city, taking the advantage of using the FIWARE: Future Internet Open Platform. We are developing the necessary low-cost technology to capture and processing 3D audio signals, for working in city environments. The sound modules connect to the Orion Context Broker and produces continuous context updates with relevant audio information. These updates are then consumed by users that use this information to building/updating dynamic city noise maps or to collect information for other systems such as video surveillance. It has been awarded by the European Union FIWARE’s Soul-FI Accelerator Programme.
Andrés Macías
Andrés Macíasusheru (Registered as We Love Cinema Limited)
Usheru is a ticketing sales and marketing platform for the cinema industry that recommends users movies they like in their favourites cinemas at a discount price. FIWARE Cosmos represents a great option for our recommender system, in order to compute all the data we need to anticipate which of the coming movies will like each of users. Usheru has been selected as one of the 12 most disruptive technology companies by FIWARE’s European Pioneers acceleration programme.
Mirko Ross
Mirko Rossdigital worx GmbH
“dimago – mental health companion” combines a wristband equipped with sensors, a mobile app and a web-service which allows for monitoring mental health conditions and thus enables better and individualised treatment of people suffering from mental health disorders. It will lower costs through better decision-making of psychologists, fewer in-person visits and greater adherence to treatment plans. FIWARE will be used to handle and treat medical sensor data on an environment with high european data privacy standards
Michael Bak
Michael BakCEO & Co-Founder of Onomondo
Onomondo has built a unique software solution to merge telecom networks, creating a single roaming free mobile network across countries. Operators are now able to offer their customers a true seamless roaming free experience when they travel. Additionally, the platform offers advanced possibilities for IoT connectivity and monitoring when coupled with the use of FIWARE technology.
Karel Charvat
Karel CharvatWireless Info
Using of FI WARE generic enablers in frame of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Applications.
The Czech WirelessInfo Living Lab established at the beginning of 2014 the WirelessInfo FIWARE Reference Lab. The main incentive of this reference lab is to intensively test the FIWARE Generic Enablers and integrate them with existing tools for SDI. The partners of WirelessInfo FIWARE Reference Lab. Are now participating in some accelerators programs (Soul FI and SmartAgriFood), but activates are also supported by EU projects SDI4APPS, FOODIE and OTN.
The goal is presented first results of integration with focus on:
· Discovery of INSPIRE services in frame of FIWARE applications
· Wireclpoud based Map client for visualisation od SPARQL queries for tourist purposes
· Utilisation of Orion and Proton inside of mapping applications as base for OpenSensorNetwork
Miguel García González
Miguel García GonzálezZabala Innovation Consulting S.A.
What? Announce the creation of an open dataset containing the information about the projects selected by FIWARE Accelerators.
Why? To promote the transparency of the FIWARE Accelerate programme thanks to the creation of an open dataset to let developers re-use the information about the selected companies in the ways they want (i.e. creating apps to suggest companies with FIWARE knowledge, visualizations and ranking lists per country, domain, area, etc., creation of a tool letting people know where the funding goes, etc.).
The open dataset will be published in the CKAN platform of FIWARE lab ( so that developers are able to start working with it (if they want/need to).
Sergio Carrera Riva Palacio
Sergio Carrera Riva PalacioINFOTEC
Business opportunities in Latin America
Pieter van der Linden
Pieter van der LindenVIVITnet S.A.S.
Discovering, Trying, Tweaking and Running of FIWARE Enablers for Media & Content on FIC2Lab, a developer-friendly portal proposed by FI-Content.

A quick overview and demonstration of FIC2Lab the environment for experimenting and using FIWARE enablers for Media & Content currently being readied by FI-Content.

Sergio Gusmeroli
Sergio GusmeroliTXT e-Solutions S.p.A
The FIWARE potential to innovate manufacturing industry
Juanjo Hierro
Juanjo HierroTelefónica
Chief Architect FIWARE