NetFutures 2015 Perfect Pitch Panel

It’s all in the words … or is it? The Net Futures 2015 Perfect Pitch Panel session from 17:00 to 19:00 on Wed 25th March spotlights 8 projects with results ready for market take-up. In an entertaining and dynamic session, where you – the audience – are key, you will learn about significant project achievements, vote for the best one, sing and dance to swing music from a live band and laugh, laugh, laugh.

The Net Futures 2015 attendees will be showcased exemplary projects from the Net Future participating units with Silvana Muscella, CEO Trust-IT & CloudWatch coordinator compering the session.

A professional skier battled against two online gamers in the world’s first interactive mixed reality downhill ski race using technology pioneered by the 3D Live project, Michael Boniface illustrates.

CoherentPaaS provides multi cloud data store management enabling organisations to use multiple data stores without barriers. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris tells us more.

COSMOS enabling smart city applications and developers to take full advantage of IoT technologies will be presented by Andrea Rossi.

Francesca Bria will outline D-CENT focusing on digital tools for network democracy: citizen engagement, crowdsourcing legislation, and collective deliberation.

FORGE, presented by John Domingue, is turning the large scale FIRE facilities into a learning resource. In particular embedding FIRE interactions within eBooks giving access to these world class facilities to learners across the globe.

ORBIT delivers approaches for high-performance fault tolerance into virtualized environments which are applicable to scenarios of heavy workload, minimizing downtime to less than 700 msecs! Find out more from Dimos Kyriazis.

Designing & implementing the internals of an innovative clean slate recursive inter network architecture (RINA) a solution developed by PRISTINE and presented by Miguel Ponce de Leon.

Wikirate’s solution, illustrated by Vishal Kapadia, brings together tool for stakeholders to aggregate and analyse information to create transparent company ratings.


The Net Futures Perfect Pitch Panel is conceived and organised by CloudWatch.

The audience plays an active role in voting for the pitches delivered in a short snappy style. The live band will provide interludes of musical entertainment to compliment the informal style and networking opportunity. Join us at 17:00 on 25th March in The Egg.