Initially developed by the SPECIFI project, the Creative Ring is a new experimental community offering a networking place for artists, creative talents and stakeholders working in the Creative Industries. It aims at providing a collaborative environment to exchange ideas, new projects, technical components and set up unprecedented performances (discover more on the Creative Ring website).

Creative Ring participants build a solid, long-lasting sense of community by sharing HUBS, TOOLS, PARTNERS and PROJECTS. Hubs are physical spaces where local communities, creative industries and artists converge to know each other, experiment and develop. State-of the art ICT tools enabling Creative Industries to collaborate and innovate are then made available. Partners are organizations, institutions and/or companies sharing Creative Ring objectives and working hand in hand to promote innovation, launch collaborations, organize events and the like. Finally, projects are first-rate creative activities developed within the community as a result of intense artistic/technological collaboration.

At Net Futures Conference, the Creative Ring community delves into one of its specific themes: “ICT for tourism”. The goal is showcasing a set of innovatory tourism-related services, stimulating a lively dialogue within the community, interacting with participants at the event, via social media and on Yola, a dedicated online collaborative platform.

During the event visitors will have the chance to discover:

  • Playground, a smartphone game allowing users to discover urban spaces in a playful way while fostering social inclusion
  • VideoVivo, a software platform to create interactive videos and digital storytelling. VideoVivo allows users combining different elements/content and displaying results on the video in an interactive way (
  • YOLA, a mobile application and web platform enabling large groups of people to outline new ideas together. During Net Futures Yola will be used by participants during a co-creative exercise run by our team at the Idea Wall (Welcome and Registration area). The Idea Wall is a physical laboratory divided into thematic areas where attendees can share their tourism-related ideas.

Net Futures Conference is a chance to discover how the Creative Ring supports its community to collaborate and co-create combining multiple skills, technologies and talents. Visit us at the Idea wall (Welcome and Registration area) and at the Creative Ring stand (Grand Hall Exhibition) to know more!


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Twitter: @CreativeRing