A novel application for advanced augmented reality – called Percipio AR (Augmented Reality) – will be revealed to public for the first time during the exhibition. Users having Percipio AR on their smartphones or other mobile devices can be navigated through unknown environment while being well guided and notified on what they see. Percipio AR empowers users with the ability to sense and discover places of interest in their vicinity. Camera feed and visual representation of discovered places are fused together to enrich users’ vision by related information for all visible places.

In order to deliver never seen before user experience, Percipio AR exploits advanced geometry model for discovery of places at high precision relying on sensor data and unique model of places. These features provide Percipio AR an upper hand when discovering outdoor places only partially visible, concealed or when users suffer from bad visibility conditions. The application is designed to enable offloading of parallelized discovery of places to cloud enhanced Small Cell base stations in order to minimize energy consumption at smartphones while keeping minimum latency.

Percipio AR is distributed as mobile application for Android enabled smart phones and will be available for download during exhibition days, covering whole Brussels city. Percipio AR works seamlessly with conventional map sources and social networks in order to present the most relevant place info.

Percipio was invented in frame of FP7/Tropic project to demonstrate the power of next generation Small Cell Cloud computing.