The URB-Grade project designs, develops and validates a Platform for Decision Support that will allow the city authorities and utilities to promote and choose the correct actions to upgrade a district to become more energy efficient, cost effective and to increase comfort for its citizens in a District as a Service Platform (DaaS Platform) approach. The information necessary for the platform will be based on collecting data from heterogeneous distributed sensors (e.g. smart meters and embedded sensors) and other open data sources (e.g. energy grade of buildings) or survey based data. Data is processed using complex event processing (CEP) techniques to generate relevant information for the DaaS platform. Information will be made available over a common cloud based service platform. The URB-Grade project is demonstrating the approach in three validation sites for different decision Support issues:
• Eibar (Spain) – upgrading street lighting
• Kalundborg (Denmark) – energy efficient residential buildings
• Barcelona – upgrading street shops