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Robert Madelin explains how the Commission is working to encourage citizens to ‘love the future’ by engaging online and feeling comfortable with an open and networked society. Mr Madelin outlines the Commission’s objective to encourage knowledge sharing across Europe and globally by reducing regulation – and bringing the needs of the people together with the innovators, venture capital so that Europe can win its place in an open, internet enabled economy.
Mario Campolargo, Director “Net Futures” – DG CONNECT at EU talks about the highlights from the Net Futures 2015 event and provides some insights into the objectives of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market initiative. Want to know more about what’s hot on the horizon – watch this video.

Listen to Commissioner Günther Oettinger provide his vision for the future of innovation in Europe along with other leaders in their field talk about their experiences of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. Net Futures 2015 assembled an amazing array of people from all parts of the digital ecoystem. See and hear what they had to say about Net Futures 2015 and beyond!

Professor Carlo Ratti talks about some exciting opportunities in development of smart cities. Outlining the increasing speed of innovation in Europe and around the world, Professor Ratti highlights the need for a bottom up approach to innovation in Europe.

Karen Boers, Managing Director, talks about the phenomenal success of Net Futures 2015. With more than 1000 people gathering at The Egg in Brussels to exchange views and create tangible results for the European economy and society.


Wim De Waele points the way for a successful Digital Agenda for Europe. The key ingredient for success says Wim is to promote an entrepreneurial environment in Europe so that businesses of the future have a chance to flourish and create new products and services for people to enjoy. Successful digital ecosystems across the globe are built on virtuous cylces around entrepreneurs, venture capital and access to industry.


Matt Brittin, President EMEA Business & Operations at Google gives his insights into the recipe for success when it comes to innovation – and what Europe must do to encourage a strong and vibrant digital sector. He also explains Google’s ‘pledge’.

Giuseppe Viglialoro from CISCO provides insights into the different projects that they are involved with under the FP7 funding programme.


Silvana Muscella explains the market uptake of several Commission funded Net Futures projects and the status of 72 other projects currently in the funding pipeline.  The “Perfect Pitch” panel, moderated by Silvana at Net Futures 2015, provided a unique platform for projects to present their ideas to a forum of peers, business leaders and potential investors. ‘Success entrepreneurial ideas in Europe will be born from bravery, trust and determination’ is the motto for European innovators, says Silvana. Watch and learn more here:

David del Val Latorre, President and CEO of Telefonica Research and Development, highlights the need for Europe to agree on open standards for the internet of things to be effective. Open standards will help Europe to applications, products and services faster. “We have to innovate or die,” says Mr del Val Latorre. This and much more on the many exciting opportunities ahead for Europe. Watch this video!

Dr Thorsten Müller, CEO of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, explains the importance of having common EU legislation, interaction, collaboration and the right skills in the EU to deliver a competitive and digitally driven European industry.
Arnis Daugulis, Deputy State Secretary to Latvia and representative of the Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union talks about how Europe can help entrepreneurship to flourish.  Upbeat about the future application of digital technology to help revolutionise traditional industries, Mr Daugulis points to the need for eSkills and the right education to produce high quality digital professionals who will drive a new generation of start-ups in Europe.

Arnis Daugulis, Deputy State Secretary to Latvia and representative of the Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union talks about how Europe can help entrepreneurship to flourish. (In Latvian language)

Vice President & Head of Ericsson Research, Sara Mazur, gives an inspiring talk about why it’s important that women be encouraged to pursue careers in ICT and what she personally Is doing to mentor a new generation of women to take up exciting new career challenges.
Sara Mazur, Vice President & Head of Ericsson Research, provides her vision on how investment in innovation can help transform European industry. 5G is highlighted as an exciting new frontier where Europe has the potential to be a world leader.
Nina Kuros from OneLab, a European funded project gives us insights into an experimental facility that enables SMEs and scientists to test and deploy their experiments on this platform with a view to enabling innovation and advances in future internet activities.
Stephanie Parker, Future Internet Research and Experimentation is an initiatve that helps companies test and valid products and services before they go to market. Exciting successes include a trial for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and a 3D live trial in Austria.
Daniel Steffen, talking about an exciting EU/South African project that enables micro businesses to get access to large volumes of data at reasonable prices.
Giovanni Cortese from Interplay Software speaks about a European creative network for SMEs, which enables innovation and collaboration.
Kostas Choumas from the University of Thessaly & Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece explains the details of a collaboration between Europe and South Korea that enables experimenters to develop better platforms for the future internet and video streaming.
Watch highlights from the first day of Net Futures 2015 where more than 1000 experts gathered in Brussels at The Egg to exchange views, share expertise and hear the latest in exciting innovative projects springing up across Europe.


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