In the context of a smart city the vision of integrating IoT platforms, testbeds and, in general, other silo application is associated with several scientific challenges. A common need is to register, identify sensors and aggregate data and ensure the interoperability of data stemming from different IoT platforms or test beds, likewise it is necessary to provide tools and techniques for building applications that horizontally integrate silo platforms and applications.

This demonstration showcases implemented tools for operative Internet of Things data in the context of smart cities. We present Open Source Platform and tools enabling DIY Services from city-distributed sensors. The demonstration outlines the easy-to-do services creation and deployment for the IoT and the benefits of having IoT registered sensors in the cloud. It is also shown tools for health systems monitoring and complex event processing for the city.

Participants will view tools for sensing as a service using the Internet of Things platforms and how the creation of services based on Internet of Things is now a reality. In this demo IoT sensor-based technology new services can be created with no need for deploying any additional technology. Tracking, shipping, and inventory control in manufacturing plants and warehouses; meet people in the nearest empty meeting room and monitoring smart cities conditions including weather and traffic was never so easy before. Those are only some examples of the multiple services can be offer with simple configuration steps and few clicks. The tools showcased will be available as open source software from the VITAL-IoT project ( and OpenIoT Project (